For many digital models, the end of the road is turning it physical.  You print it.  

3D printing has been around since the late '80's.  It grew slowly until the late '00's, and has exploded since then.  There is a wide range of processes, materials, and applications of the technology.  Some are very democratic, widely accessible and quite affordable; others are  esoteric and expensive.  We can print for a wide variety purposes right here on island.  If what we can offer here is not appropriate, we can find vendors off-island that can get it done.  Everything shown on the website was printed right in Tom Nevers.


Whether you design it, pull from the internet, or have us design, we are happy to discuss your printing options and get it printed for you.

Files for any number of objects and purposes are widely available online.  Some you have to pay for, but many are free.  Some of our favorite sites to explore are Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, and Heroforge,

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