See what can be done on island.

In addition to design, printing, and scanning services, we are experimenting with other aspects of the digital 3D economy.  We are developing capabilities with digital art, animation, and virtual reality and looking for dreamers and partners to expand what can be done on island.  Contact us to find out more.

3D Design, Modelling, and Prototyping

We can help you take your ideas for physical objects and turn them into digital reality (if there is such a thing) and then on to real reality. We create a digital model that you can see and critique and modify.  Once you are satisfied, we print it in plastic as either a prototype or as a final model.  Upon approval of a prototype, we work to have it completed in end-use materials. Contact us to find out more.

3D Printing

Have you found a digital file of something you would like printed?  We can print in a variety of plastic materials right here on island.  If it is more appropriate to be done in other materials, we can help with that too.  Contact us to find out your options.

3D Scanning

We use two scanning processes to make a digital version of your physical objects.  We use a laser scanner for small to medium sized objects, and photogrammetry for medium to large   Contact us to find out your options.

Repair and Replacement Parts

Broken machine and appliance parts can be difficult if not impossible to find and replace.  They can be very expensive or out of stock or out of production.  In plastic, we can do it in as little as a day.  With time, we can get it done in more robust materials.  Contact us to find out more.

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